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Fashion's biggest environmental problem is WASTE! The clothing industry creates 10% of the world’s greenhouse emissions and 20% of its wastewater, yet 85% of textiles produced each year are thrown away. Fast fashion is the main cause of all this pollution, with cheap, disposable garments produced in huge volumes that encourage a culture of buying an outfit for one trendy Instagram or Tiktok post and then throwing it away. 


RINAT BRODACH is sustainable first because our clothes are made to last for a lifetime, with timeless design, premium materials, and quality craftsmanship - not clothes to pretend that you’re someone else for a weekend. Our use of deadstock and scrap fabrics to create new, one-of-a-kind garments deepens our commitment to sustainability, transforming "waste" into clothes that are as uniquely beautiful as the real and raw people that wear them!


Finally, we are also proud to design and produce our clothes right here in New York’s Garment District, by workers who are treated and paid fairly. By making our garments locally instead of producing them overseas, we also minimize pollution from shipping. 

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